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Beergaritas with Lime, Chili, & Mezcal

Believe it or not, but beergaritas (aka beer margaritas) are exactly what I want during the Big Game! Or really any Sunday! This margarita recipe is taken over the top (literally!) with those cute Coronitas and the bright, spicy, smoky flavors of lime, chili, and mezcal! It’s the best Coronarita you’ll ever have!

Lime and Chili Mezcal Beergaritas in glasses with Coronitas on a wooden board

I am wholeheartedly a tequila girl. Which is really odd to me considering no one else in my family likes it like… at all. I’d like to blame my margarita addiction during college. I’m kicking off super bowl recipe season with this beergaritas recipe!

I have a confession to make… I don’t want to admit it, but I really had no idea how big of a deal super bowl recipes are to the food blogging world! Apparently, it’s like second to Christmas, which was MASSIVE! I was on the phone with the agency that I work on blogging partnerships and they opened my eyes to the super bowl recipe world and basically told me to get on it!  Ha! I like comfort pub food just like any other American so, challenge accepted!

First things first… DRINKS!

Limes cut in half with Chili and Salt on a wooden board

I think it’s safe to say that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, screams super bowl more than beer. When I was a teenager, my mom and I always used to go to Chili’s for an early dinner on her days off and those beer filled margaritas will forever be stemmed into my brain. I always thought they looked so extravagant. They are seriously the most perfect conversation starter to any party and such a festive cocktail. I mean there’s like an entire bottle of beer popping out of it! These little Coronitas are basically tiny bottles of beer (sold at any grocery store!) and fit perfectly into a large margarita glass.

I think I also left out that I really hate football. Maybe hate is a strong word… I just have like 0 interest in learning how the game works and I also think it’s the longest sporting game in history (you can take a nap, wake up, and it’s still on…uhh). I do happen to like the super bowl though. The food, the commercials, the atmosphere, it all makes for a great drunken Sunday. Along with these Coronitas, I made a spicy mezcal margarita base to put them into.

Lime and Chili Mezcal Beergaritas in glasses with Coronitas on a wooden board

The Best Margarita Mix

I think the best margarita mix is the one you make at home!  Margarita mix is basically just a combination of lime juice, simple syrup, and sour mix.  But to me, the sour mix is not necessary. And it tastes so much better when you make a margarita recipe with all the ingredients from scratch!  Fresh lime juice and sweet agave syrup are really all you need!

A Little Note on Triple Sec

One of the most popular questions I get asked when making this beergaritas recipe is, what can I use instead of Triple Sec?  My answer, Cointreau! They both have a sweet, orange flavor, but Cointreau is far superior to the cheaper Triple Sec. I say treat yo’self and go for the good stuff.  It is the Big Game after all!

Tequila vs Mezcal

So, I am a tequila girl.  Always have, always will be!  And I am always looking for new and interesting flavors when it comes to this delicious liquor.  So, say hello to mezcal! Mezcal (or mescal) is like tequila’s smokier cousin. It’s so much sweeter and richer in taste than any version of regular tequila.  And I love it in these beergaritas! The smokiness goes fabuloussss with the spicy chili and jalapenos. But sometimes mezcal can be too powerful for people. If you are not a Mezcal lover like I am, just replace it with an equal amount of your favorite brand of Tequila!  Always keep in mind, the key to picking any good tequila is to make sure it is made with 100% agave. Better quality, better beer cocktails for all!

Appetizers to Go with Your Beergaritas

This is a Mexican drink after all, so we must make all the Mexican appetizers to eat while sipping away at our beergaritas.  I say you make this Guacamole for a Crowd or these Chipotle Chicken Nachos with Avocado Crema. Who needs the super bowl when you have all the best food and drinks you could imagine!

They look extravagant, but they seriously come together in like five minutes. If you don’t like it spicy, you can totally leave out the muddled jalapeno slices and chili off the rim! I hope that these beergaritas are the most perfect start to your super bowl Sunday! Cheers!

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Beergaritas with Lime, Chili, & Mezcal


Believe it or not,  but beergaritas (aka beer margaritas) are exactly what I want during the Big Game!  Or really any Sunday!  This margarita recipe is taken over the top (literally!) with those cute Coronitas and the bright, spicy, smoky flavors of lime, chili, and mezcal!  It’s the best Coronarita you’ll ever have!



Lime Wedges

Kosher Salt + Chili Powder, for glass rim

4 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 oz Cointreau

2 oz Mezcal or Gold Tequila

2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar

35 Jalapeno Slices (optional, depending on how spicy you like it!)

Crushed Ice

2 Corona Bottles


  1. Run a lime wedge against two margarita glass rims and dip in a shallow dish filled with mixed kosher salt and chili powder.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker full of regular ice and add in lime juice, cointreau, mezcal, agave nectar, and jalapeno slices, if using, cover, and shake well for 30 seconds.
  3. Fill the two margarita glasses with crushed ice and strain the cocktail mix into the glasses.
  4. There should be 1/3 to a 1/2 of room left. Open small Coronita beer and carefully place beer bottle into the bottom of the glass. The air should catch and the drink should not overflow. (I’m sorry if yours does! I’m not good with science terms…) Cheers!

Lime and Chili Mezcal Beergaritas in glasses with Coronitas on a wooden board

Don’t forget to pin this for Cinco De Mayo!


  1. January 18, 2018 / 8:09 am

    Yess, I love this! True, Super Bowl is such a massive event, though I’m not sure everyone actually knows the game even though they watch it (at least not here in Norway!).

  2. January 17, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Can tequila tuesday please become a thing?
    I genuinely love this! Cheers!

    • Elizabeth Van Lierde
      January 17, 2018 / 7:18 pm

      Thanks so much Tegan! I second tequila Tuesday! 😀

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