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A Modern, yet Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape

It’s Thanksgiving week! I couldn’t be more excited. This year I am lucky enough to not only celebrate Thanksgiving but it is also my 25th birthday! About every 7 years my birthday will land on Thanksgiving. Tonight I have to begrudgingly face the grocery store to pick up green bean casserole ingredients and Brussel sprouts for this gratin that I am bringing to my parents for tomorrow.

Growing up, surprisingly, I didn’t cook that many dishes. My favorite part of the whole holiday was pulling out all of the fancy dishes the night before and setting the table. My mom was usually bogged down by all the cooking so I got to mix and match whatever we had to put the settings together. It usually consisted of some fancy water glasses that we never used and a box of vintage linens from grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I would probably set and reset the table about 10 times while watching the Disney channel. That right there is my childhood holidays in a nutshell folks. Who would of thought 15 years later I would be obsessed with the craft.

This year, I took advantage and turned to instagram stories to see what you guys really wanted. I did a series of ‘would you rather’ thanksgiving table edition. I asked everything from modern to bohemian, to thrifted pieces versus brand new. The results were interesting…

Bohemian vs. Modern
Thrifed Pieces
vs. Traditional
Personalized Name Card vs. Generic
Neutral Color Palette vs. Seasonal
Fancy Setting vs. Relaxed feel

I tried to take in favor as many as I could when creating it. I’ll admit that piecing together modern items with a seasonal color palette was… interesting. My mind kept wanting to wander into the minimalistic color palette. All and all I really like how it turned out and think it took each favored choice into some degree. I stuck to table pieces (sources listed below) that were easily accessible and I even did a little DIY to personalize the table.

I try and throw in a small DIY for each custom table setting on the blog.  I wanted to keep it SUPER simple because I know how crazy Thanksgiving prep can be. Basically for each setting I just added a mini plant and wrapped them up in my favorite cozy yarn thread. You can find yarn and pick yourself up a mini hot glue gun for under $10. Each of the little planters were from my local nursery. To glue all the yarn to 6 planters took all of 15 minutes. Not only does it cozy up the table with traditional decor but it is also a small token that each of your guests can take with them. 

When it comes to buffet pieces and tableware in large quantities I always turn to places like crate and barrel and world market. This post wasn’t sponsored in any way! These are just stores that I usually frequent when I am in need for some tableware for a large amount of people. Scroll down to see where I picked up each of the pieces for the table. My greatest piece of advice I can give to you before creating any tablescape… go around your home and see what you already have/can repurpose. The vase for the flowers was from my copper canister set and the center piece board was a cheeseboard from deep in my cupboards. See what you have before you feel the need to drop a few hundred dollars on tableware that you may only use a handful of times!

I hope everyone has such an amazing Thanksgiving and please know that I am SO SO SO grateful to you and all my readers for that matter. After all, this space would not be what it is without you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner Plates: Crate & Barrel
Salad Plates: World Market
Appetizer Plates: Crate & Barrel
Buffet Gold Napkins: World Market
Vase: Copper Canister
Marble Board: Crate & Barrel
Candles: World Market
Candle Holders: Vintage
Flatware: Sur La Table
Glassware: World Market
Yarn & Hot Glue: Michaels Craft Store
Plants, greenery & Pumpkins: Local Nursery


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