The Sunday Slate: Vol 14

Currently reporting this week’s Sunday slate at the kitchen table of our cozy little cabin in Pennsylvania. If you have been following me along on instagram this week then you know I have been staying up at my family’s cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was on the fence about taking the time and making this trip because being self employed can be a little strapping.

As much as people say you have ‘freedom’ I have fallen into this crazy trap that I should always be working. Luckily, I listened to my gut and made the trip. I could NOT be happier with the last week and I think it was just the dose of fresh air that I needed.

From there I went straight to Colorado for a photoshoot with Purely Elizabeth! I’ll be sure to give you outtakes of that shoot on next week’s Sunday Slate! It was a whirlwind week but filled with lots of exciting things :)

1. Spending time in Pennsylvania

For the better half of last week I was in Pennsylvania for a small family vacay. My great grandparents build a cabin in the mountains in 1930 and my family still has it to this day. We try and head over once a summer to spend some time in ‘storybook’ house. I don’t want to give TOO many details because I plan on writing a whole Storybook post this week. Basically this little cabin is the greatest piece of family heritage I will ever have. I can’t wait to tell you more and show you alllll the photos! For now here is a little sneak peek :)

2. Candle Making + My favorite candles for fall

Guys I’ve got a confession. I’m a REAL sucker for Anthropologies candles. Every time I go to anthropologie or even a mall I have to go in there and I always walk out with a candle. I’m obsessed. I usually spend between $30-40 when I buy one and I know it’s a ridiculous problem. They just smell SO GOOD. Like all of them. There are only 2 that I wouldn’t want to add to my collection. My two favorite times to burn a candle are while I’m sitting down for a ‘computer’ afternoon and after I have cleaned the house I always light a candle in each room.

This fall I really want to learn how to make my own candles, or at least ATTEMPT it. I am seeing a DIY candle party very near in my future. I recently watched this video and it really inspired me to try and make my own. If that totally doesn’t sound like you’re thing, below is my favorite fall candle line up!

3. Outfits for Paris

Next month I am headed to Paris for a week simply to go to Paris. I set a promise with myself a few years ago that I would try and take an international trip every year in my twenties. So far, I’ve done it. This year I’m sneaking in a quick trip to Paris with my assistant Abbie. We both have never been! I’ve already started making lists of things I want to do, everything I want to eat and more! I just need some great outfits to get me started…

4. Dining Room Makeover Sneak Peak!

We just signed our year 2 lease for the house that we are currently renting. I was on the fence to do some more house projects until we signed into a 2nd year but I suppose I can start nesting again. As small as our dining room is, it seems to be an epicenter of the house. Whenever I have people over I always find them gravitating towards this spot so I figure it needs a little bit of a cozy makeover.

Here is some inspo that I am loving!

5. 6 Food Styling Props that I am LOVING!

So basically after the next thirty days are over I will have had close to 50 recipe/food photoshoots. The thought is already making me feel exhausted but I feel far too fortunate for the opportunities to complain. When I have this many shoots coming up I always try and refresh my prop closet a little so each shot looks a little bit different. Here are a few things that are currently in my shopping carts!

6. Getting Pie-Pared

I figure it’s better to start earlier than later. I’m SO excited for Thanksgiving this year!

7. New Video!

6 Favorite Dinner Party Tips and Tricks! Don’t miss the funny blooper in the first ten seconds lolz